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The Economic growth is a comprehensive, new service, supporting businesses in North East England as they innovate and grow.

As a client looking for answers to help you with your overload of work please provide us with a précis of your business problem to enable us to find the appropriate solutions on your behalf.

On the ESI webpage you will find:

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  • minutes of ESI meetings
  • ESIs Action Plan in regard to development services
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The Business network is making an essential contribution to standards and qualifications – working with partners across the four UK nations and into the European Union to make sure they meet employment and learners' needs.

The Business network is developing sector specific solutions through the Sector Skills Agreements (SSAs) to influence curriculum development in further and higher education with or without any green grass sites.

These could be products like qualification endorsement schemes, innovative qualifications or evidence based 'levers' in skills analysis to influence funders and quality assurance agents.

We aim to provide an efficient and high quality editorial review process to our authors. We now receive more than 1450 submissions per month, the majority of which go through a full refereeing procedure. Our referees provide authors with high quality and full reports and feedback.

The Committee invited the Executive to take the lead in guaranteeing that a simpler, more cohesive structure exists in local economic development. The Executive accepted this challenge and outlined the concept of Local Economic Forums. The Forums would comprise representatives of public and private sector bodies engaged in economic development services and would be tasked with simplifying local economic development and improving services to businesses and people.

On the WYXL webpage you will find:

  • information on the background to WYXL 
  • WYXL membership information
  • minutes of WYXL meetings 
  • WYXLs Action Plan in regard to development services 
  • an opportunity to feedback and comment on WYXLs activities and progress
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The Plan puts in place recommendations to eliminate overlap and focuses on proposals to tackle the areas of confusion identified by the business community. Proposals within the Plan include the development of strategy to build inter-agency co-operation and future compatibility of services. The Plan also seeks to put in place communications structures to allow a free flow of information between agencies and the business / wider community.